Bruckmann tradition


Bruckmann Yachts is one of the most highly respected builders of custom and semi custom yachts in North America, as the Bruckmann family has been building quality sail and motor yachts for over 57 years.

Erich Bruckmann, along with George Cuthbertson and George Cassian, was one of the founding partners of C&C Yachts. From the early 1960's through to the late eighties, the C&C Custom Yachts Division was run by Erich Bruckmann, with his son Mark close at hand. During that time, C&C Custom Yachts built some 200  custom and semi-custom boats, including many renowned racing and cruising yachts.

Today, Mark Bruckmann continues the tradition of building the highest caliber classic sailing and motor yachts. Mark still employs many of the key craftsmen from the original C&C Custom Division, whose workmanship continues to

embody the finest attention to craftsmanship and detail. Bruckmann's Yachts are among the finest and most sophisticated on the water combining their old-world skills with todays most modern materials, techniques and equipment.

Bruckmann's product line consists of timelessly designed purpose built yachts. All share a common respect for the sea, lasting quality and value. Bruckmann Yachts is located approximately 20 miles west of Toronto in a modern 25,000 square ft. manufacturing facility.